Three Things You Can Do to Prepare for AC Installation

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Three Things You Can Do to Prepare for AC InstallationWhether you know you need a new AC now or are confident that your current AC will not last another summer after this one, getting ready for AC installation is almost as important as picking out your new air conditioner. If you have an AC installation on the books, there are a few things you can do to prepare for the process.

First, shop around, and not just for quotes. One of the most important factors in your AC installation is not, in fact, the AC unit, but who you choose for your AC installation. Find someone who has the experience to do quality work while also giving you more accurate quotes. Spending some time finding the right HVAC expert is worth every minute!

Second, make sure you are getting the right AC unit for your home. AC efficiency is dependent largely upon square footage, so make sure you have an accurate square footage measurement and talk with an expert from there. Don’t be tempted to get the largest unit out there or conversely the cheapest — you’ll end up wasting money on utilities.

Third, be considerate of the HVAC technicians and clear a path to where they will need to be working. If your AC is in your backyard, make sure there isn’t a lot of grass or plants in the way of their workspace. They may also need access to other areas, so call ahead of time to find out what those might be and clear the area. This will make the installation easier and faster for everyone.