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You can be confident you will be given all the pertinent facts about your air conditioning equipment’s condition.

While it can be pretty nice weather here in the Norfolk, Virginia area most of the year, we have experienced some pretty uncomfortable record high summer temperatures from time to time. Although the average highs are usually in the low 90s, we have topped 100 degrees in the past. If that were to occur this summer, would your air conditioning be able to handle it without making your utility bill go through the roof? If you aren’t certain, reach out to us at Murillo Mechanical. We are happy to inspect your air conditioning and provide the maintenance and repairs it might need to operate reliably and efficiently.

If it turns out your air conditioning is on borrowed time or costing you more to operate than you would like, we will go over your replacement options and discuss what equipment would best fit your objectives. We take into account your upfront budget, as well as operation expense budget, to recommend the right equipment for your situation. We are RUUD Pro Partners, but we can install or service American Standard or any other make or model of air conditioning equipment.

We have based our business on a commitment to honesty and integrity. You can be confident you will be given all the pertinent facts about your air conditioning equipment’s condition, so you can make an informed choice about repair or replacement. We will never pressure you to purchase something you do not need, and with our flat-rate pricing, you’ll always know what to expect without hidden charges coming as a complete surprise. Reach out today to learn more or to schedule air conditioning services for your residential or light commercial needs.


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