Prioritize Air Conditioning Maintenance This Spring!

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The key to prolonging the lifespan of any system is to prioritize maintenance for it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It’s no different for air conditioners, which should be maintained in early spring to prepare the system for the late spring and summer heat. As the weather warms up, make sure to call a reliable HVAC company to schedule an air conditioning maintenance service for your unit.

Prioritize Air Conditioning Maintenance This Spring!

Many homeowners don’t realize that air conditioning maintenance is a crucial service that they need to schedule on a regular basis, but air conditioning maintenance is like getting an annual checkup with your doctor; it’s important to catch issues early before they worsen or can’t be fixed. With air conditioning maintenance, a trained technician can assess your system thoroughly and uncover hidden issues, as well as provide solutions for minor problems. For instance, they might unclog the condensate drain line, change the air filters, or lubricate any moving parts to keep the unit running smoothly.

Air conditioning maintenance also comes with other benefits besides a longer system lifespan. Properly maintaining your unit will help you save energy and money by keeping it running as efficiently as possible. In addition, air conditioning maintenance may be required for your manufacturer’s warranty to remain valid. Check your warranty and find out whether regular air conditioning maintenance is a condition to keep your warranty from being void.

If you need air conditioning maintenance in Norfolk, Virginia this spring, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Murillo Mechanical to schedule an appointment.